Wednesday, January 31, 2007

St. Valentine, this one's for you

His name is Jordan.

I don't know how old he is, considering how we met I hope he's at least 18. (or else it's illegal)..... moving on

Here's what I do know:

road trips, civil rights

Dashboard Confessional

Say Anything

"Stumbling is not falling" -Malcolm X

So far so good.

We have these IM conversations and based on his response to various topics that I select we get a reading on the depth of our love.

Here are our relationship stats:
10 hearts

3 hearts

6 hearts

Wandering Eye:

However, every time I kiss him I get a frowny face reply. I guess I am moving too fast. I mean, let's not forget he's not real. This whole thing is amazing. I move too fast for my 18 year old cyber boyfriend!! Then again we have only been dating for two hours..... which by the way is the longest relationship I have been in since 2002.

Yes, I am well aware that I have problems. On the bright side I know from the outset that he can’t dump me, but I can dump him and replace him whenever the mood strikes me. And our relationship is scheduled to last for two weeks at which point we mutually part ways.

So virtual issues aside I would say from the fact that we get along so well after 2 hours he is either a perfect gentleman or gay. The latter could very well be true, I mean, I thought only teenage girls liked
dashboard but then again Chris Carrabba is pretty dreamy...hmmm…

Either way 2007 is suddenly looking up! Maybe just maybe I won’t don my famous all black mourning attire this Feb 14th.

I would dedicate this one to my valentine - Take me Out by Franz Ferdinand

And because we have a special connection I am pretty sure he would dedicate this one to me... Do Your Feet Hurt by MxPx

P.S.- I cancelled my subscription to Seventeen Magazine when I turned 16 because I thought I was too mature... Apparently I am reverting.

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