Friday, November 30, 2007

Girl Power... I guess...

Women's Murder Club. Fridays on ABC.

I am a huge fan of Angie Harmon. Partly because she is a Texan (that being said most Texans are pretty kind to their own except maybe the Dixie Chicks...) I also like her because she seems like good people... anyway I am totally hooked on her new show on ABC called Women's Murder Club. I was a little skeptical I mean there have been a handful of girl power shows (sex and the city, desperate housewives, first wives club... you get the point) but this show has moxy. The women are smart and they genuinely care about each other. Oh, and they are not man haters. That last part might have to do with the fact that the show is based on the book by James Patterson.

Side note: A recent episode featured a Mat Kearney song. "Won't Back Down." I seriously almost choked on my food when I heard the song come on. He's amazing. Oh, and the episode was pretty good too.

Enjoy it while you can.

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